South Florida 46
Moose Legion
Congratulations to These Members for Reaching Their Fellowship Degree of Honor
Any names not included is not intentional. When the complete list is certified all Fellows in South Florida 46 will be  added
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Davie Moose Lodge 1798
 Ronnie Bond
 Harold Chance
 Timothy Farina
  Raymond Larocca​
Jack Mize                                     Deceased
 John Paniccia
William Ruddy                           Deceased
 Gary Soubel​

Hallandale Beach Lodge 668
Rolland Ron Ammons
Terry Bowman                     Pilgrim
Richard F Otis
Paul E Coyle                          Pilgrim
Kristopher Hummer          Pilgrim

Scott A Frieders                  Deceased
Jean Fleury
George Miller
Thomas Dunphy

Lauderdale Lakes Lodge 2267
Joe Vera                                       Deceased
Daniel Costanza                        Pilgrim
Paul M Mincey
Lawrence A Firn
Donald A Anderson
John Lundberg
William A McMillen
Robert F Coleman                       Pilgrim
Raymond E Largen
Tom C Iatonna
Dennis Winters
Darren Wilbur
Jack Kubasek
William V Catlow                        Pilgrim
Arthur O Church
Tim Haley                                      Pilgrim
Mark Lixie
Gary Sibert
Edward F McGurn                     Pilgrim
Eddie Brelsford
James Brelsford
Michael J. Boudreau
Michael J Beck
Patrick McInerney
Richard E Donk
Frank Lehnert
Guy Trepiccione
Mark Hall
Neil Reichhart
James V Esposito

Miramar Lodge 1150
Robert Shannon
Louis A Varady
Robert Caputo
Thomas F Brown
Jim Holcomb
William Holzhauser                Pilgrim
B J Friedel                                   Pilgrim
Wayne Pande
Kenneth E Morsch
Edmund Bruguier
John W Shannon
William J Pagliari

Pembroke Pine Lines 1844
Barry Smith                        Deceased
Richard J Badilo
Harry L Beynon
Scott A Cushing                Pilgrim
Bolton Bunting                 Pilgrim
Robert Barnes

West Boca Lodge 204
Arlindo "Chico" Enes       Deceased
Robert Demer                    Deceased
Michael O'Brien                Deceased
Robert Wetherald            Deceased
Thomas D Pomerleau
Thomas Perillo
Jerry Thompson               Pilgrim
Richard P Mitchell
Jack Corkery
Ralph Ianniello
Fred R Scott                      Pilgrim
James Bright                    Pilgrim

Christopher Belanger
Lee Singleton
John Sinka
Ralph Ianniello
John Barile
James R Kochersperger
John W Mulvihill

Pompano Beach Lodge 2157
Preston Fields
Thomas E Franklin
Jacob B Todd
Anthony J Daly                    Pilgrim
Lloyd W Vesey
Michael E Burton                Pilgrim
Ezra Tim Knight
Michael Finney                    Deceased
James O'Donnell
Gerald P Groninger
Louis Peryer
Robert Deppert
Robert DeMeo
Wade Walton

Hialeah Lodge 1074
Lawrence Fleisher                   Deceased
Jack Ledbetter
John R Leisenring
John W Popovich                     Pilgrim/ Deceased
Lee Spear

Lodges Please Advise : If You Have any New Fellowship Recipiants Email Their names to so they can be added to this page